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Wet Carpet Smell St Kilda South 3182

Wet Carpet Smell St Kilda South Nothing is more devastating to your carpet than water. Water can not only ruin your carpet, leaving it stained and stinking, but it can also affect your health. Leave water untended for too long, and mould can develop and grow, filling the air with harmful spores. Leave it even longer, and it can seep into your floorboards, rotting wood and creating thousands of dollars (and headaches) worth of damage.

The best plan of attack? Call a carpet cleaner!

Melbourne Carpet Cleaning drys and restores wet carpets, removes unpleasant wet carpet smell and treats stains throughout St Kilda South VIC. Our expansive network ensures there’s a highly skilled cleaner in your suburb.

Your carpets left clean, smelling fresh and ready to use in one hour – guaranteed!

When you call Melbourne Carpet Cleaning, we’ll give your carpets our premium treatment – extracting water and dirt while treating stains, smells and preventing bacteria, mould and mildew from forming. We’ll also inspect your carpet underlay to ensure it is free from damage.

Our innovative Dry-Touch carpet cleaning system not only revives and restores your carpets, but leaves them smelling fantastic and ready to use in just one hour. We use advanced encapsulation technology to reach down to the very base layer of your carpet, removing trapped spores and debris that can carry smells, allergens and cause health hazards in your home.

Encapsulation refreshes and revives carpet fibres without damaging them with harmful chemicals or hot water. Not only will your carpets look, feel and smell better than before the water damage hit, but they will also:

  • Last much longer
  • Stay cleaner longer
  • Have harmful mould spores, mildew and bacteria filtered out
  • Be free from allergy-inflaming proteins
  • Stay dry and useable within minutes

After the initial clean and dry, we’ll send one of our carpet technicians around the next day to inspect the job, vacuum and apply any necessary post-clean stain removal.

A dry, clean, fresh-smelling carpet – guaranteed!

With over ten years experience in wet carpet cleaning, restoration and residential cleaning, Melbourne Carpet Cleaning are the cleaning experts. Whatever your emergency, call Melbourne Carpet Cleaning for an expert opinion and over-the-phone quote. If you’re not happy with how we handle your emergency, we’ll come back and clean again – free of charge.

That’s the Melbourne Carpet Cleaning guarantee.

Get your wet carpet smell under control by calling us on 1300 781 269 for expert advice and a free, no obligation quote. Ask us also our advanced one-off emergency home cleaning service, as well as our Fabricare Services, which revive and restore damaged rugs, mattresses, chairs, sofas, leather and curtains.

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