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Pet Stains Dendy 3186

Pet Stains DendyWhen they’re not being adorable, pets can wreck havoc on your carpets. Urine stains and soiling can create stains and smells that seem impossible to get out.

Most of the time, experimenting with different products does more harm than good. When pets get out of hand, the best thing you can do is get in a professional carpet cleaner for effective removal of unwanted odours and stains.

With over ten years experience in domestic cleaning, Melbourne Carpet Cleaning is one of Dendy’s most trusted carpet cleaners and eliminators of pet stains, suburb to suburb. Our innovative six step, Dry-Touch carpet cleaning service eliminates pet stains and smells – leaving your carpets soft, hygienically clean and smelling great in just one hour.

Why pet owners need to regularly clean their carpets

More than anyone, pet owners know the value of regularly cleaning their carpets. Carpets that aren’t maintained not only spread smells, but become a haven for fur, dirt, bacteria and allergens: creating an environment that increases the risk of an asthma, eczema, rhinitis or allergic attack.

When you call Melbourne Carpet Cleaning, your carpets will not only get the fresh smell, soft feel and clean look you’d expect from any carpet cleaning service, but will also:

  • Last much longer
  • Stay cleaner longer
  • Have harmful air pollutants filtered out
  • Be free from allergy-inflaming proteins
  • Stay dry and useable within minutes

Your carpets fresh, dry and ready to use in one hour – guaranteed!

Our Dry-Touch carpet cleaning system is powerful enough to cleanse and refresh your carpet from the base-up, while gentle enough to be used on a regular basis. Dry-Touch works wonders on pet stains and smells – removing pet hair, urine, odours, stains and bacteria. We leave carpets dry and ready-to-use in one hour.

Unlike budget steam carpet cleaning companies in Dendy, which use chemically-laden dry or ‘steam cleaning’ processes to clean the surface layer of carpets, Melbourne Carpet Cleaning’s Dry-Touch system uses innovative encapsulation technology for the ultimate in stain and pet stains removal.

Dry-Touch: your carpets smelling fresh in six steps

  1. Pre-vacuuming from wall to wall, crevice to crevice
  2. Individual spot and stain treatment
  3. Dry-Touch encapsulation spray application
  4. Orbital machine application – massaging our encapsulation spray into each individual fibre of your carpet to trap and crystallise deep dirt, urine and soiling
  5. Carpet fibres are groomed and aligned
  6. Post-vacuum care and post-stain treatment

Why pick us? Here are five great reasons for choosing Melbourne Carpet Cleaning:

Whether you’re after an exceptional carpet clean or domestic cleaning service, Melbourne Carpet Cleaning is your number one choice. Here are five reasons for picking us:

  1. A company you can trust: We’ve been established for over 10 years, with thousands of satisfied customers.
  2. Best staff: Our staff undergo an intensive, comprehensive training programme before entering your home. They’re trained in Melbourne Carpet Cleaning’s time-tested cleaning systems to guarantee results and the same high standards with every clean.
  3. Security in your home: All our staff are fully insured, full-time employees who report to our office before and after every clean, and have made it through our strict vetting and selection process.
  4. Customer service: Our customer service team are highly trained to deliver exceptional service; while our systematic approach to cleaning consistently delivers superior results.
  5. Guaranteed results: We stand by our Melbourne Carpet Cleaning guarantee – a clean home, or we’ll return to complete the job, free of charge.

Want your carpets looking new again? Call us today on 1300 781 269 for a quote.

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