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Carpet Cleaning Prices Jindivick 3818

Carpet Cleaning Prices JindivickMelbourne Carpet Cleaning delivers advanced, competitively priced carpet cleaning throughout Jindivick VIC. We give you a one-off quote based on the size of your carpet, not the hours taken to clean it. Unlike other cleaners, we won’t penalise you for having fewer carpets to clean.

Melbourne Carpet Cleaning specialises in carpet and residential cleaning, using the latest advancements in technology and an innovative, systematic approach to cleaning that guarantees customer satisfaction.

We have branches in all major Melbourne suburbs – including Kew, Camberwell, Balwyn, Richmond, Toorak, Essendon, Albert Park, Brighton and Mount Eliza.

Your carpets fresh, dry and ready to use in one hour – guaranteed!

Melbourne Carpet Cleaning is a little bit unique – we’re constantly updating our technology to ensure your carpets are cleaned in the least abrasive, most thorough, and most convenient way possible.

Our innovative Dry-Touch carpet cleaner system has changed the way carpets are cleaned – leaving them not only refreshed, but ready to use in just one hour. Encapsulation refreshes and revives carpet fibres without leaving them soaking wet, prone to shrinkage or smelling of chemicals.

This six-step process uses advanced encapsulation technology to reach down to the very base layer of your carpet, removing trapped dirt and debris that can carry allergens and cause smells in your home.

The Dry-Touch six-step process:

  1. Pre-vacuuming from wall to wall, crevice to crevice
  2. Individual spot and stain treatment
  3. Dry-Touch encapsulation spray application
  4. Orbital machine application – massaging our encapsulation spray into each individual fibre of your carpet to trap and crystallise deep dirt and soiling
  5. Carpet fibres are groomed and aligned
  6. Post-vacuum care and post-stain treatment

For carpets that feel soft, smell fresh, look great and are cleansed of potentially harmful air pollutants, we don’t think you can beat Melbourne Carpet Cleaning for the best and most competitive prices for carpet cleaning in your suburb. If you’re not happy with your clean, we’ll come back and do it again – free of charge.

That’s the Melbourne Carpet Cleaning guarantee.

Why having your carpets regularly cleaned could be the best thing you do this year

Carpets that aren’t regularly cleaned are prone to stains, unsightly traffic lanes and discolouring. But there’s an even more urgent reason to act now. Unclean carpets attract dust, potentially harmful air pollutants and dustmites, creating an environment that heightens the chance of an asthma, eczema, rhinitis or allergic attack.

When you call Melbourne Carpet Cleaning, you won’t just get a great deal, but your carpets will also:
  • Last much longer
  • Stay cleaner longer
  • Have harmful air pollutants filtered out
  • Be free from allergy-inflaming proteins
  • Stay dry and useable within minutes

Experience for yourself the freshness a regular Dry-Touch clean can achieve by calling us on 1300 781 269 for a free, no obligation, one-off quote.

You might like to ask us about our Fabricare Services, which deliver the same Dry-Touch cleaning power to your rugs, mattresses, chairs, sofas, leather and curtains.

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